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Frequently Asked Questions

Things you should know

Before we get started, here's a breakdown of some terms in case you're a newbie to the world of investing and crowdfunding.

  • GoGetta > That's us > Africa's only equity-based investment platform.
  • Business > A business that has some trading history that is looking to be listed on our platform and raise funds from the crowd, in exchange for a share in their business.
  • Campaigns > Businesses approved through our due diligence process which are listed on the platform to raise funds from the crowd.
  • The Crowd > Investors who invest into one/more of the campaigns on our platform.
  • Investor > Anyone looking to/already invested in one of our campaigns.

Getting Started

GoGetta is Africa's only equity-based crowdfunding platform.
An equity-based investment platform bringing together Africa’s venture capital opportunities to investors worldwide.

Crowdfunding is a way for businesses to raise money from a large number of people (that’s the crowd).

Equity-based crowdfunding (that’s us) lets businesses use the power of the crowd to raise and pool funds. In exchange, each investor gets a share/s in the business.

Get in on the investments redefining Africa. We’re giving investors access to verified African businesses with high growth potential, starting at a minimum investment of R1,000 (approximately USD60), plus your transaction fee of 3%.  You can invest up to the maximum amount being raised.

Secure transfer and management of our investor’s funds are critical. No loopholes, no cut corners. Unrelenting compliance and governance all the way. 

Every business listed on our platform goes through a thorough due diligence process, with a final stamp of approval by our Investment Committee. We welcome investors from anywhere in the world - inviting retail investors, corporate and institutional partners to explore the opportunities. 

We provide support to all of the businesses listed with us, and assign industry experts as mentors, creating growth opportunities through our network.

Investing with GoGetta

Ready for it?

Our platform opens a world of investment opportunities for our savvy investors. 

We’re a hungry bunch, relentless in our mission to seek out and bring you, our investor, ground-breaking campaigns from across the continent. 

It’s simple and free to sign up. As soon as your account is set up, and your email address is confirmed, you’re on your investment bicycle. 

Then you can explore our live campaigns here and choose the one (or more ;)) you’re most keen on. 

Now, sit back and enjoy the ride as you watch the campaign grow with the crowd. The minute the target raise is reached, you’ll get an email. Thereafter, go out and celebrate how smart you are for being part of another one of Africa’s success stories! 

But seriously, you’ll then be issued with a share certificate by our team.

Our super-savvy investment team keep busy by scouting high-growth private African businesses. (if you’re interested in being one of our scouts, please get in touch).

But not every business makes the cut. We take each business through an intense due diligence process. All going to plan, the business is presented to our Investment Committee for the final go-ahead. 

Last stop before the campaign goes live: A signed Fundraising Agreement, and paid listing fee.

We are loving your excitement! Go big smart investor! You can invest in as many campaigns as you like. Your dashboard will keep an eye on how things are going.

Ready to invest?

We’ve broken it down into 2 fees: 

The first fee is a once-off platform license fee of 6% of the capital raise (champagne cork pop!); and

The second fee, is an administration fee of 1% per annum (or a minimum of R20,000 per annum), payable annually in advance.

There are no setup or ongoing fees for investors (happy dance). The only fees are the transaction fees when you make your investment. This fee will be added before you make your payment.

We are regulated by the Financial Conduct Sector Authority (FSCA). There are no shortcuts - for us or you. A good business is a compliant business. We are fully compliant with the FSCA and update our processes regularly. While we won't comment on the appropriateness and completeness of other businesses' KYC and FICA protocols, we hope you understand that our protocols are here to make sure that we meet regulatory standards, protecting both us and you.

Pretty much all countries are invited to invest with us. Unfortunately, there are some exclusions from our investment guestlist, including Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, North Korea, Pakistan, Tunisia, Syria, Yemen, the Crimea Region of Ukraine, and any other nation on the UN Sanctions List.

We’re good with all African currencies, and/or international currencies. Just to note, you might have transaction fees if you’re not paying in South African Rands.

Please double check that the account you’re using to make your investments can make South Africa Rand (ZAR) transactions.

We’ll send you a quarterly report with all the updates on how your campaigns are performing. It’s a fine balance between the information our investors want access to, and the sensitive and confidential information of each business, and the confidentiality their Boards (understandably) demand.

Once you’ve made your investment, it’s a waiting game to see how the campaign performs. Each campaign lasts 3-4 months. 

As soon as one of the campaigns you’ve invested in reaches its target, we will send you a share certificate via email. Please add to your contacts so this never goes to junk!

We’ll send you quarterly reports with all the updates on your investments. We’ll also keep you posted with news and investment campaigns - so you’re always first in line when new campaigns launch.

We may accommodate legal requirements of an investor’s particular jurisdiction through a Co-Investment Agreement. In general, we are not required to notify other investors when providing a Co-Investment Agreement or to disclose or offer such additional and/or different rights or terms to other investors.

They can’t all be unicorns! You can choose to either have your money refunded to you, or you can put it into our GoGetta Wallet, ready for your next investment.

Your money will earn interest at the nominal interest rate paid by First National Bank Limited. 

Bonus - you won’t be charged another transaction fee the next time you invest, and you’ll earn interest.

If you rather withdraw your money, you can expect to see the funds back in your account in about 10 business days.  There’s no interest earned on refunded investment amounts.

Investments & Due Diligence

We are sector agnostic. Businesses from pretty much any industry can be part of GoGetta. Sectors include fintech, agriculture, consumer, energy, enterprise, healthcare, retail, and more. 

Caveat: We do not invest in gambling, ammunition, and weapons businesses.

Our vetting process has five phases:

Initial contact: Making contact with our investment team to get the ball rolling.

Pitch deck meetings: We’ll set up an initial pitch meeting to hear your pitch.

Due diligence: Various diligence meetings take place to dive further into a full analysis of the business.

Investment Committee: Your business is presented to our Investment Committee for a final decision.

Go raise money: The Services and Fundraiser Agreement is signed, the campaign is added onto the platform. We expect the target to be reached anywhere between 45-120 days from launch. Go wild sharing your campaign with your networks and on social media.

Your day is busy enough. Consider this one covered. We’ll give you all the information you need to make your investment decision. This includes in-depth analysis by our investment team, a business pitch deck, and more. Just sign-in to explore as much or as little information as you need.

Businesses Seeking Capital

In the Pitch Deck, we would like to see the following information included (if applicable):

·         History of the Business/ Business Sector/ Start-Up or Established;

·         Opportunity;

·         Team and Skill-set(Biography on each team member no more than 120 words);

·         Market Size and Study;

·         Target Markets etc;

·         Competitors Analysis (who are the competitors and all pertinent details);

·         SWOT – Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats;

·         Funds to be raised;

·         Use of Funds; and

·         Pre – Post Valuations of the Business.

Click on Go Raise capital and follow the steps. Give us a shout if you need any help. We look forward
to meeting you.

A typical round of investment will be anything between R1.5 million and R10 million

About the Business

Founded in 2021, we are the only equity-based investment platform on the continent, bringing African venture capital opportunities to investors worldwide.

We are managed by a team of seasoned investment professionals, led by serial entrepreneur and industry-guru CEO, Jeff Miller, and innovative founders Leat Sacharowitz and Sthembiso Zwane (more on our team later).

GoGetta is powered by Grovest

Compliance. Governance. Track record.

Established in 2014, Grovest is one of the largest administrators of small cap alternative asset investments in South Africa, with AUA (assets under administration) of R3.5 billion.

Grovest are all things entrepreneurship, and for 10 years have been fighting the good fight in finding smarter ways for entrepreneurs to access capital when the traditional funding channels are a no-go.

Yes, yes and yes. We meet the regulations in accordance with the Financial Intelligence Centre Act. 

View complete details in our Terms of Use.

Also, view POPI and PAIA information.

GoGetta Limited An Authorised Financial Services Provider FSP No: 49816

We’ve got a line up of events for our businesses and the crowd. For speaking opportunities, sponsorship enquiries, events, or to be a host, please get in touch

If there’s anything else we can assist with, drop us a mail at

Using the Platform

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