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About Us


Just R1,000 gets you a share in a growing African business.

Want to be part of the action? Build your investment portfolio by diving headfirst into Africa’s equity-based crowdfunding platform. By creating your free account, you'll be the first to know when more investment opportunities launch.

Go big. Go bold. GoGetta

About Us

Sawubona. Hello. Mhoro. Ola. Salut. Jambo. Selam. Akkam. Sannu. Kodi.

Ready to join us on our mission?

We’re crowdfunding Africa > Forward

Crowdfunding is a billion-dollar global industry, and we think it’s high time Africa became a real part of this phenomenon.

GoGetta is an equity-based investment platform that connects African venture capital opportunities to investors worldwide.

Entrepreneurs are hungry. Investors are seeking.

GoGetta is where they meet.

We believe:

> Entrepreneurship has to be at the heart of efforts to transform Africa.

> In the creativity and skill of Africa’s entrepreneurs.

Crowdfunding opens the door to the continent.

Our purpose

To unlock the potential of African entrepreneurs.

Powered by Grovest.

As go-getters ourselves, there’s no overlooking someone having your back.

Whether you’re raising capital or investing, Grovest has us covered.

Compliance. Governance. Track record.

Established in 2014, Grovest is the largest administrator of small cap alternative asset investments in South Africa, with AUM (assets under administration) of R3.5 billion.

Our partners in passion, Grovest are all things entrepreneurship. For 10 years they have been fighting the good fight in finding smarter ways for entrepreneurs to access capital when the traditional funding channels are a no-go.

Our go-getting team

We’re a mixed bunch of investment, finance, business development, compliance, governance, and marketing talents. We’re all super passionate and committed to the growth of Africa and her entrepreneurs, and creating massive opportunities for our global investors.

Jeff Miller
CEO & Founder

“We're trailblazing crowdfunding in Africa by bringing a much needed and long-awaited platform to the continent. Africa has not been able to take advantage of this new capital raising phenomenon that's taking the world. That's where GoGetta comes in.”

Loves his dogs. His laugh should be trademarked.

Rian Bothma
Chief Operating Officer

"The investment space is no longer for a select few, the platform unlocks private equity opportunities and delivers it to the people."

Loves the freezing cold aircon setting. Nobody wants to meet in his office.

Leat Sacharowitz
Founder & Director

“With perseverance and passion GoGetta will achieve success and ensure that anything is possible"

Mother of 3 kids, but considers her husband her 4th. 

Sthembiso Zwane
Founder & Director

“This unique investment offering affords investors the opportunity to invest in a democratised alternative asset class. What was once an asset class for banks and venture capital investors is now an asset class for all.”

Loves chicken for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Also loves brightly coloured socks.

Graeme Buckley
Investment Analyst

“GoGetta presents an unparalleled investment opportunity – rather than the up-and-coming generation turning to traditional fixed deposit investments with banks, where capital gains are often eroded by rising inflation. Why not take the punt and invest in a business you believe in, which has the potential to be a high growth investment?” 

Major car lover, and a sucker for all things general knowledge

Vishwa Prajapati
Finance Manager

“When you're managing people's money, there's no such thing as giving too much attention”

Don’t be fooled by her sweet demeanor - she’s vicious when it comes to crunching numbers! 

Danielle Bakker
Marketing Manager

“Brands should think of themselves not as storytellers, but story builders. Our goal is to plant seeds of content and let the community build on it - and we can't wait to have GoGetta form part of your success story”

She's a big fan of firing off emails at 3 am while struggling to sleep. 

Lebohang Maremane
Client Success Manager

“Service, in short, is not what you do, but who you are. It's a way of living that you need to bring to everything you do if you're to bring it to your customer interactions.”

This fashionista changes her appearance faster than a chameleon, we always have to do a double-take in the office to check who's walking in!

Bartholomew Siwale
Business Development Manager

“Africa's new path for attaining inclusive and sustainable economic growth and development relies heavily on supporting and developing emerging small businesses. At GoGetta, we provide investment opportunities for African entrepreneurial ecosystems in emerging markets to help them solve African problems”

Enjoys visual art and considers drawing therapeutic.