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Funding Target: ZAR 1,500,000

Silverleaf is part of one of the world’s fastest-growing industries, offering an exciting new asset class for...
Just Launched

Funding Target: ZAR 2,201,000

Scorefam is a Web3 sports staking platform, set up to innovate the way people use blockchain technology in gaming.
Just Launched

Funding Target: ZAR 1,500,000

Buygaloo is an AdTech business providing a Location-Based Advertising platform to brick & mortar stores.

Funding Target: ZAR 3,200,000

Supporting the South African SME economy by creating a community where those who have are able to help those who need.

Funding Target: ZAR 4,250,000

Providing underserviced communities with low-cost data solutions in order to connect.
Shuthuka Flagship Farm (Pty) Ltd
Funding Target Reached

Funding Target: ZAR 3,500,000

Shuthuka is an established Macadamia farming operation in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

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